I wrote this paper as a way to share what I have found in my search for the techniques used by ancient armourers in thier craft. It is a rough draft and is by no means a definitive paper on the construction of armour. I would love it if people tried my techniques to see if they can use them and to give me feedback on problems they had or new ideas.

In this paper, I have just touched the surface of general metal work and helmet construction. I don't go into details, just the basics. I am trying to find a kind of general theory of armour construction that the armourers of old used to do the magical things they did. It is unfortunate that they didn't write something down about their craft, although I do believe that when armour went out of fashion, the armourers just went into other professions that still today use the same techniques. Even though I only talk about helmets in this paper, you can use the techniques for any part of a suit of armour.

I welcome all comments on this paper and anything else about armour. Thank you for your time.

Jason Grimes

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