Gallery Guidelines

Welcome to the Living History Library Gallery. The goal of our Gallery is to provide our users a method of creating their own gallery for uploading and sharing pictures, to help in our understanding of living history and reenactment in a complete historical context.

In addition to a user-driven gallery, we have a Forum and a chat room, all of which are available with the same login. Please review the following guidelines before proceeding to the Gallery.

  • Registering with a real name is required. Registering with handles, nicknames, or personas is disallowed. However, you may use alternate names in your signature. If you don't want to register with your real name for reasons of privacy, initials are also acceptable (examples: "John Doe," "J. Doe," and "John D." are all acceptable, but first or last names alone, such as "John" or "Doe" are discouraged). If you are posting as a business you may register using your company's name (ie "The Vistar Armoury"). Please help our Forum be a credible resource for others, show your respect for our Forum and the others in it, and register using your real name. Ian Bottomley of the Royal Armouries in Leeds, England summed up this policy well.

  • Give credit. It is never a good idea to post someone else's copyrighted image without permission (do so at your own risk!), but at the very least give credit where it is due.

  • Be courteous and respectful. There are individuals of various degrees of expertise present at Living History Library, from professionals to beginners, and mutual respect is expected and fostered when leaving comments for others. Personal arguments are disallowed and will be dealt with strictly. Use sensible language in your comments.

  • No spamming or advertisements. Please do not use the Gallery as a mass marketing tool. Layouts with sales pitches will be edited. No links are allowed in the Gallery unless it takes the reader to another area of Living History Library. If you have goods for sale, please use the Classifieds section of the Forum or become a Sponsor.

  • Inappropriate content. Please refrain from posting layouts which feature photos of an offensive nature. Pornographic nudity, profanity and other graphic material may result in being deleted from the Gallery. This is where your good judgment comes in.

    Usage of the Gallery denotes your understanding and intention to comply with these guidelines!

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