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Welcome to the Living History Library Discussion Forum. The goal of our Forum is to expand our understanding of living history and reenactment in a complete historical context.

We are pleased to offer several different themes for our visitors to browse, in addition to a user-driven gallery and a chat room, all of which are available with the same login. Please review the following guidelines before proceeding to the Forum.

  • Registering with a real name is required. Registering with handles, nicknames, or personas is disallowed. However, you may use alternate names in your signature. If you don't want to register with your real name for reasons of privacy, initials are also acceptable (examples: "John Doe," "J. Doe," and "John D." are all acceptable, but first or last names alone, such as "John" or "Doe" are discouraged). If you are posting as a business you may register using your company's name (ie "The Vistar Armoury"). Please help our Forum be a credible resource for others, show your respect for our Forum and the others in it, and register using your real name. Ian Bottomley of the Royal Armouries in Leeds, England summed up this policy well.

  • Browse the Menu. Before posting, check out the Menu to your left to see if your question is readily answerable somewhere there. The Reference section has permanent articles contained within, and of course our Media section is constantly growing and evolving with user participation. If you skip right to the Forum, you'll probably just be pointed to one or the other if the answers you were looking for were there and you just didn't bother to look. We encourage newcomers to visit the Beginner's Research Guide: Where to Look and What to Avoid for some helpful pointers. After browsing the Menu, feel free to ask at the Forum if you still can't find what you're looking for.

  • Be courteous and respectful. There are individuals of various degrees of expertise present at Living History Library, from professionals to beginners, and mutual respect is expected and fostered. Please be on your best behavior at all times, and demonstrate that you have an idea of what manners are. Personal arguments and inflammatory or baiting comments are disallowed and will be dealt with strictly. Please use sensible and appropriate language in your posts. You will be held accountable for your statements or comments. Failing to adhere to this guideline will attract the attention of the moderating team faster than nearly anything else!

  • Be Specific with your Subject and Questions. A Subject heading that is specific will get more views than one that is general. For example, "I have a question about normalizing bronze" would be preferable to a Subject that just reads, "I have a question." Additionally, the more information you can provide in your post, the more likely you are to receive helpful responses. Vague inquiries usually raise more questions than they answer.

  • Stay on Topic. Please avoid idle banter in the Forum. It takes up space and wastes the time of those looking for real information. If you simply want to socialize, please use the Off-Topic board, Private Messages or the Chat instead.

  • No spamming or advertisements. Any post in which the primary aim is to redirect others towards another website not directly relevant to the conversation, in particular if it is a commercial site owned by or affiliated with the person posting it, is considered spam or advertising. If you have worthwhile information to share, please include it in your post if at all possible. Otherwise, this type of post does not contribute to worthwhile discussion on the Forum. If you wish to advertise with Living History Library, please see our Sponsor Program.

  • Picture posting. We welcome the posting of pictures on the Forum, but please take care that your picture is a reasonable size appropriate for display on a computer monitor. If it is too big, it will slow the Forum down while it loads and cause the need for annoying horizontal scrolling. We welcome users to take advantage of our Gallery feature to host and display their pictures, keeping in mind appropriate content.

  • Please refrain from emailing the Staff with your questions. We don't have time to address all the questions, and we most certainly don't have all the answers. The options on the Menu and Forum are your best bet.

    Usage of this Forum denotes your understanding and intention to comply with these guidelines!

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